Inspiration - Where do you draw yours from?

Inspired (get it) by the Icons thread :

My personal points of inspiration are from music, video and architecture (three things I’m not particularly good with.) Things that just take my mind out of what’s at hand.

Hanging out with good friends works too.

Sometimes I stare at blank walls.



I work very non-linearly/ intuitively. I like to look at a lot of sources. Art, music, culture, people, how similar problems where solved in other industries, I read a lot, talk to a lot of people, bounce ideas off of friends. It kind of all goes into the perkalator, bubbles around and comes out.

Afterward, I analyze what I did to string together a compelling presentation, but during the process it’s never 1+1=2.

Couldn’t have said that better. I make mental footnotes through the process just for that purpose.

Inspiration’s kind of a funny thing, I never intentionally try to force or find it in anything specific. 90% inspiration hits me just by rewinding in my mind things I’ve already seen or experienced in the past, and then some of that is just plain intuition, but the key, like Yo said, is forming that into a presentation that the less inspired can grasp and appreciate.

Yeah, good call.

Seriously, I don’t take inspiration from arbitrary sources. Inspiration strikes when I finally understand what I’m supposed to be doing in a project. It is goal appropriate to the project and comes from whatever research I did earlier.[/quote]

true! inspiration strikes when i understand … in my case its architecture very often… tend to find similies for the current situation everywhere… actuually i end up gettin very confused at the end of it all… everytime…

Rarely came in typical office job settings, at least nothing worthwhile usually.

For me, mostly from music, film, travels and just watching life go by without thinking about it at all.

The stress of having to produce something fast is probably the biggest killer of “wow” ideas and elegant solutions to complex problems which, as the old saying went, really do arrive when you least expect them.

Learn how to tune out regularly, our brains are wired to take care of the rest.

kids books like Indian in the cupboard, Dr. Seus, Narnia stuff, etc…

It takes my mind back to when I was naturally super imaginative.

adulthood beats that imagination out of you. Damn news media.

hi. i’m a designer. i consider myself to have superior taste. see the obscure music / film / books I enjoy.

the less populist the media I consume is, the more advanced I feel.

thus making me a more effective designer.

my friends hate me, as I unwittingly patronise them.


(by the way, Ciao is Italian, for Hello, and Goodbye. I learnt that whilst reading about Italians on the internet)

inspiration, i tweek my eyes and look at existing product to get a new form.

for a new product that never had a form etc i intend to design the flow of the existing problems.

sounds weird but true.

guest - that was well funny. I hope it was meant to be (for your sake)

I search for the core function in a dictionary and analyze the words, or I look for products used in the same context, history, biology… Check this; Channels - MaterialDistrict
By the way; somebody has the article stated in the first post?