INSPIRATION sources - how do you manage them?

How do you manage to keep referring to all of your inspiration sources?

  • I have feeds set up
  • I set reminders
  • I just remember
  • I rarely check them all
  • I never check them
  • Other

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Hi guys,

As there are so many services and platforms now to get inspiration from, how do you manage to regularly keep referring to them?

I’m talking about things like:

  • Blogs
  • Coroflot
  • Behance
  • Personal saved content in folders
  • Flipboard
  • Pinterest
  • Bookmarked websites
    (These are some of mine and I’m sure people will have many others!)

How do you guys manage your inspiration sources?

And what I’m really asking - is there a single way of rotating this content on a slideshow basis so that all sources are covered and you’re constantly able to check all your inspiration sources? Is it possible to randomly display an image from each source (say every 30 seconds) all in one feed?

How many people have bookmarked/favorited/pinned something with the intention of regularly going back and looking at/checking on it? Lofty ambitions but worth asking!



I have a couple of bookmarks for blogs but more typically I’ll search out something when I need it, versus having it ‘pushed’ at me.

Information without identification is just noise.

This is how I manage it. The trick for me was curating the information after finding it. Lately, I’ve been utilizing a trend/commodity matrix to place things with relevance and assist in communicating with non-design personnel.

I use the topsites feature in Safari as my home screen. You can see what sites I have pinned there. I also use folder in my favorites bar. You can see in the attached I have pull down menus for fashion, cars, design, interiors, shoes, audio, graphics and so on. It helps because it is always there when I have a spare minute, but never in the way. I don’t feel obligated to see everything.

Michael you have just given me something to do on my next Alaska Airlines wifi enabled flight. Great.

Thanks guys, personally I’d find it very useful to have something that automatically displayed images from all the above sources on a rotating basis - things Coroflot, Behance and Blogs are updated all the time and you never know what you might be missing and it feels inefficient to have to keep going to each individual website.

Doesn’t seem like there’s currently a tool to do that (I’m always looking for ways to speed up workflow), but your way of doing it is probably the best I’ve seen so far Michael, thanks.

Something like the Coroflot Featured page but for all inspiration sources. Fingers crossed someone’s listening!


I also use the folder on the bookmarks bar and have them sorted by theme (General, product, furniture, transportation, etc) and another folder for design blogs and technical stuff. I check the main ones every other day and the others depending on whether I have time or not. Michael’s system looks pretty good but it would be great to have an app that put together all the new stuff.

Does the ‘topsites’ feature display the last viewed iteration of the page, or load whatever the new/current page is?

It seems to sometimes load new content but to usually show the last time viewed. I use it as my home page so everything I open a window it pops up, so is a frequent reminder to be curious and check stuff out.

Just been using Feedly to manage most of my blogs. So that takes care of most of my inspiration side.

With a few bookmarks for the other sites I visit, that don’t offer RSS feeds.

Slowly starting to use pintrest as opposed to saving images to folders now.

Pinterest is reaally useful, I use it on a daily basis to make a data base of images, designs and sketches I like. You can also follow other designers, design blogs and companies, pretty interesting and easy to keep to date, if you ask me. When you start a new project you only have to go back to the folders you had and people you follow and start saving images to your computer or to a secret board.

I’m digging Pinterest as well. Just getting into it.

A lot of design blogs (Design Milk is a good example) have Pinterest feeds where they dump all their images from blog posts. That’s a much faster and less obtrusive way to see their content than going to the site or grabbing the RSS feed. Especially since so many sites load so slowly now with all their plugins and external content (the Core home page is especially slow for me).

Pinterest is great, as long as you’re pretty ruthless about who you follow and eliminate the feed cloggers. If you find a few super users they can even do all the work for you- I’m currently following a design student who’s pinning a bunch of stuff for her final year project, and it’s all great.

I do a lot of visual research for my own tumblr so Feedly (before that the late Google Reader) is a great tool.
What I love is that it only shows you posts you haven’t seen yet.

I have all my posts on my own blog tagged now with color/theme cues, so for CMF, I usually use that and the search function.
Also hitting “archive” on my favorite tumblrs makes browsing a breeze.

Haven’t yet dabbled too much with Pinterest but it seems that a lot of people like it so I might give it a whirl.

Google + actually does a pretty good job of creating an easy-to-access place to view the feeds from many websites at once. The problem is that the lack of uptake of Google+ means that a lot of websites don’t really post there…

I am now a heavy user of Pinterest. I find it so useful to keep all of my inspiration in categories from various places I gather inspiration from on the internet. Each board helps me in my design process from sketch styles to form exploration to keeping a list of inspirational designers. I even repin the same stuff across different boards.

I get my content from blogs, coroflot/behance and Instagram

My Pinterest is:

Feel free to follow me or post your profile here, would be a great way to share all of our inspiration!

This is mine,

I like to safe textures and details especially, because then it’s quite easy to get some inspiration while designing

Thanks guys really useful stuff here.

I’ve just started using Pinterest too - for confidential projects slightly worried about the mass-sharing aspect and even with ‘private’ pins if you accidentally shared one then the whole world gets to see your research! And once someone re-pins it, there’s no going back and you can’t make it private again. Otherwise looks great.

Would love a tool to update all sources but wishful thinking still.

David btw your website seems like its not working, re-directs to Behance ProSite for me.

You have to go through like 4 steps to do that, I believe is almost impossible to do that unintentionally.

I found a great hack for Chrome to keep all my inspiration sources on the bookmark tabs at once. If you add a bookmark and delete it’s name, it’ll leave the tiny icon from that webpage.