inspiration for ID student


Did you graduate in industrial design? What was your first job? your second?..

I need inspiration… Thanks for sharing!

…i graduated with a major in id and a minor in art history…my first job was with a manufacturer that made all sorts of stuff…camping gear, small appliances, power tools and even roller skates…it was great experience because i never knew what the next project was going to be…i was there for 10 years…my next gig was as for a company that made appliances and outdoor power equipment (tractors, mowers,etc)…i was the chief id and i got to staff and equip a department from the ground up and design a new company hq…it has been a long and sometimes strange journey, but i wouldn’t do anything else…i love the work and everything about it…except maybe marketing people…they scare the stuff out of me sometimes and can turn everything they touch into shit.

MRD, you´re soooo right about that…

My first, my second, and my third job have been about Point of Purchase design. Mexico has a big demand for POP. The good part of it is that this kind of job makes you give solutions in a very short period of time: you´re always active and learn to optimize your resources.

do you enjoy it poncho? how creative do you get to be in your job? I’d love to see some samples.

First job - McDonald’s giveaways for a year
Second job - Healthcare products for two years, then was laid off
Third job - CAD designer for 6 months
Fourth Job - Left CAD designer job for a firm, currently doing lots of CAD, and some design.

Degree in ID

First Job_ Freelance for a small manufacturer (3months)
Second Job_ Underpaid freelance for a really bad firm (3months)
Third Job_ full time for a great, but small firm (4years)
Fourth Job_ Nike/Jordan, current (3years)