i am interested in doing masters in Industrial design. I have applied at Pratt MID. but i hear that the current head of the department at pratt ID is going to resign. And that pratt is deteriorating in its standards. Is this true what are your views about pratt. is it worth the money and time i wud be investing??

Disorganized, yes, but deteriorating…I’d have to say no. If anything, it’s improving, due to the fact that the school is starting to get its financial ship in order (finally), and taking care of some of the physical plant problems that have plagued the campus for decades. The MID program, specifically, is tightening down a lot of its thesis and research requirement, which is good news. The fact that the current head is leaving is, by most accounts, good news as well…

thank you guest for your reply.
but the rest of you common guys. i need to deciede .your opinions are very valuable to me. reply reply reply

The Pratt Program is only getting better. I did my undergraduate degree in ID there, and each year the program was making huge strides. You should try to come to the IDSA Beyond conference being held at Pratt. You probably will be able to talk to students which is always the best way of judging a program.

i am plannning to join pratt aswell. the reason why i choose pratt is firstly its location…i think getting internships and work eperience in NYC will be lot more easier than in some other place. more over pratt is a old school with a good name it cannot go down with one person not being there…what say??

I think if you are coming to IDSA at Pratt, it will be great chance to know other first and second year students as well as designers from all over U.S.
Hope to see you there if you can make it. Don’t forget to register first.

ya now i have decieded to take admission at pratt!!! can some one guide me as to what courses should i choose for the first semester??? i have design background??

What kind of Design background do you have?
Do you know about the material and manufacture process?
What about prototyping, 3D CAD programs or presentation technique?

During the first year, you will probably take lots of requirement courses.
If you think you are far ahead of others in terms knowledge and performance, you should talk with the Chair person and describe what you really need to learn in Pratt.

If you have other design background, I recommend you to go in steps.
This is very structured program, and I personally think everything is related to each other to improve our skills.

Concept class with Rebecca Weltz, ID TECH with Bruce or Andrew, Drawing with Joe (I just heard his class is very good), Color-I with Frank and Peter Barna not sure if he only teaches in Color II), 3D-I (physical) are enough for the first semester.
If you are bit advanced, see if you can take Solid works-I, Alias-I, Prototypes or Drawing-II.
During the second semester to first semester of 2nd year, there are so many choices. Focus in your interest and start build up your portfolio, and perhaps you can discover more interest in other fields such as Furniture, Jewelry, Exhibition Design, Research, Shoe Design, Soft good Design, Toy Design and etc.

Is the Department Head resigning? Who’s stepping in?

no one knows yet, and they just recently started having open discussions with candidates. Deb is just resigning as head, though - she’ll still be teaching a studio (exhibit)

Is the head of deparment such an issue to deciede on the schools future progress?? I think Pratt will continue with the good work. there are many good faculty there which will not leave.

I garduated from the undergrad ID program a year ago… I can honestly say that Pratt and the ID program are getting much better, from faculty to students… I have heard buzz about some of the people running for the dept. head, and they all are good… One is amazing, but we will see… Regardless the work starndard is rising…

The Masters program fell under great debate my third year at Pratt, and from that it has gotten much better… With more student input and better organized class…