inquiry on an informational interview

First off, very sorry if this I posted this in the wrong category. I hope this is the right forum, as well.

Hello, my name is Thao. I’m taking some college courses and for a career assignment, I need to interview someone in a field that I am interested in. I am looking into the prospect of being an industrial designer and it’s taking a while to connect through a firm that would allow for a ten minute interview. Most of them just don’t pick up and I’ve started emailing them.

I’ll keep trying, though. This site has a very nice directory.

But is there a industrial designer in Arizona that could spare about 5-10 minutes for some very general questions regarding this field?

I’m determined in this not because of just passing the assignment, but I am very interested in hearing some genuine responses from the industrial designers here.

Thank you for reading.

Have you tried the IDSA mentor list?

Okay, still trying. I tried the mentor list, no luck. Thanks for the suggestion.

In the meantime, can I get a collective response?

  1. Can you describe a typical day as an industrial designer?

  2. Your favorite thing about this profession?

  3. Your least favorite?

  4. What advice would you give someone who is considering to be an industrial designer?

  5. How did you get your job?

  6. What are some personal qualities or abilities are important to be successful in this career?

  7. If you could do things all over again, would you choose the same paths and decisions? What would you change?

:sunglasses: Is there a demand for industrial designers?

Thank you