Inquiries aboug ID jobs in Hong Kong

Hello, guys.

I’m an 2-year-experienced industrial designer.
I work as an in-house designer, and my company is a kind of big electronic products manufacturer.
But now I have some source of trouble.
For some reasons, I should move to Hong Kong in this year, or next year,
but I’m just a little worried about losing my job after moving to Hong Kong,
'cause I heard there in Hong Kong are not many ID jobs available.

How about the ID job situation in Hong Kong?
Are there quite many design offices or big manufacturing companys that
hires industrial designers?
(I think some IT related design studios would be good for me.)

Well, I’ll be looking forward to your replies.

hey there

there arent a great deal of good ID firms in HK, but there are alot of ID jobs on offer which seek designers between 2 and 5 yrs of exp.

I am actually from OZ, and landed myself a job in HK by cold calling an ID firm. jus right place at da right time. i too felt dat a needed to go work there.

some good websites for ID jobs in HK

good luck. any ques feel free to gimme a holler

There are lots in China/HK, but the problem is that they’re all low pay.

not if you are white!