Input please!!

Hi! I am a mechanical engineer looking for a job at a product design firm or somewhere such as Apple or Disney…i love working with ID!

I haven’t had any formal training in design…just a couple drawing classes…so i haven’t really had any direction in this (which is why i could use your help :smiley: )

Please let me know what you think in terms of project selection, order, layout, flow etc.

its at : Rachel Kuhr's Portfolio by Rachel Kuhr - Issuu


Information overload!

Well yes and no, a lot of the pages seem to be a little busy. In print it is also easer to read I am guessing. I’ll look at it when I am not all sick feeling and let you know about the work inside it.

I didn’t have time to do more than a cursory glance. While it is a bit busy and could use some formal hierarchy on the pages and a consistent layout, this is one of the best ME type portfolios I’ve seen in terms of content.

Thanks for the input (and compliment)! Do you think information should be eliminated or placed over more pages?

Took a while to load.

Layout isn’t very user friendly/aesthetically pleasing (remember if you’re going after a design job, its a great chance the creative director/design director/etc will be viewing your portfolio, and aesthetic pleasing will count).

Do you have any graphic designer friends? A simple revamp could do huge things for your portfolio! New fonts/positioning/etc.

Regarding an ID position at Apple or Disney, I would say it would be a requirement to get your Master’s of ID at a great school, then build your portfolio to be in the top .1% of all ID portfolios you currently see on Coroflot. its possible, but it will be difficult.

start working on your sketching, and become incredible at it. you need to show more design-thinking process via sketching in your portfolio. I’d say this is the #1 issue that can be built upon.

you have a great portfolio for a ME, excellent work thus far. keep at it!

Thanks Taylor. I’m not actually looking to work as an industrial designer (i think we can agree that would be ridiculous at this point)…but merely to work with them. I’m looking to create a portfolio that shows my perspectives on design and how i appreciate the work of a designer. Do you think this was conveyed in my portfolio? I agree layout needs work…perhaps get rid of some of the text…im trying to get as many opinions as possible…do you have any specifics that you would recommend changing? What did u think of the venn-diagram labeling?

Thanks for your time!!

Heya Rachel,

ahh, now it makes sense. perhaps I misunderstood/misread. I thought you were trying to build it up to be an IDer.

in that case, I think your portfolio is well-suited for your intended goal. Perhaps show how working with a designer (even a photo of you working directly with the other human designer), you provided manufacturing/engineering guidance that improved the final success outcome of the product.

Shocking! You’ll be one of very few engineers with a design aesthetic. That’s a good place to be in my opinion.

Best of luck.

wow. great portfolio. a lot better than some ID portfolios i’ve seen in terms of showing design thinking, graphics, process!

love the infographics with the overlapping areas of interest/process. overall very solid and outstanding considering you have no formal design training. just the fact that you have a few thumbnail sketches for various projects is very impressive.

good stuff. if you wanted to, i’m sure you could even land an ID job with that. i only even skimmed it and came away impressed so i’m sure if i dug deeper would be even greater.


PS. that plinko clock is awesome.