innovative solutions for hanging drawings???

Hi, I’m looking into new systems for hanging drawings within a design studio. I was hoping to get some input from this comunity of designers.

  1. do you have panels for hanging drawings, or do you use a wall?
  2. if so, what materials do you use for the panels? (the more unique the better)
  3. do you have any methods for moving panels thruout an office?

links to materials or pictures welcomed.


magnetic wall paint + small earth magnets. Clean and doesn’t damage anything.

Magnetic wall paint???

You’re lying. Seriously?

It exists. My company thought about using it instead of the blue painters tape method.

You can pick it up at your local DIY (Lowes or Home Depot). Typically beside the chalkboard paint. Paint as a base for any room color.

We use black-matte 4x8’ sheets of 1/2" thick Gatorfoam blackcore with clear pushpins. I like the black matte–any “cool” material would distract. I also like how “raw” looking they are–it adds an aura of “work in progress.” If you were to cover them in a high-touch material, you’d loose that and might start editing what you pin up.

I much prefer this to a dedicated wall (unless you have the luxury of a dedicated project room.) They look cool, and you never run out of space. Plus they’re storable as-is, and can be brought into presentations. I should mention that we’re fortunate to have 9’ tall doors.

We carry them around (short distances) but it would be pretty cool to add straight weels to the bottoms (like a bookshelf ladder.)

Here’s a pic that shows 3 of them portrait, and one landscape (that’s been wallpapered white.)

thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming. We currently have a system involving hanging the black 1/2 inch foam cor sheets and moving them throughout the rooms, and it does work.

what I would really like is an alternative to a material like cork with a more modern feel. I’ve heard of a material that is essentially compressed coffee stirrers, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Are you referring to something like homasote panelling? Thats what our school and office uses (in addition to some seperate large foam boards).

PS: Those big panels are hard to find and hard to ship.
Here’s where I got mine:

The paint itself isn’t magnetic - it’s just got iron filings in it to give the magnets something to clamp to. And it shouldn’t give off any kind of magnetic field (any engineers want to correct me?), if you keep a stack of heavy duty magnets under your pillow at night, that might be another story.

your cell phone may not work… which may not necessarily be a negative point

I’ve got an idea: Drill tiny perfs in a wall sized marker-board then suck air behind it.

…Hey that reminds me… whatever happened to those (letraset?) rub-down sticky-dots from the early 1990’s?? A wall of that would work great!

Funny you mention the vacuum wall. The main classroom in the ID quad at our school has these two INCREDIBLY loud exhaust vents. They’re so obnoxious we normally just stick paper over them so it sucks them shut. When they started talking about renovations I said we should reroute the ducts behind the walls and do the same things - just drill an entire wall of holes and never have to worry about push pins again.