innovation spam

Was surprised to see this in my inbox today

We are pleased to invite you for Innovation zxzxzx, a 7-day program in the US for global leaders to spark innovation and creativity within their organizations, revolutionizing work culture and reducing attrition. Its the world’s first “road trip” for innovation and inspiration. > http://www.izxzxzxzxzxzxz > We have been featured on Fortune’s Innovation blog, CNBC and BusinessWeek Online, and several enterprising leaders from around the world are scheduled to join us on the trip. Could you let us know your response for attending Innovation Trip? The program explores the full spectrum of innovation topics through workshops by well-known experts with the purpose of educating global leaders on the cutting-edge of innovation in the U.S. Highlights of the program are: - Workshop on Disruptive Innovation - Workshop on Customer-centered Innovation - Workshop on creating a culture of innovation within your organization - Workshop on Employee-retention and team-building - Inspirational visit to the MIT museum, Tech Museum of Innovation, Stanford campus - Networking events with professionals from all over the world - Tools and services to take-away the culture of innovation Please check the URL below for pricing and participation: > http://www.izxzxzxzx/register-now > Sincerely, zxzxzxzxz

I’ve been seeing some too that seem to be using key words from our field or other emails you have to “fit in” to make you click them. Makes me wonder how they get that info exactly. I’ve seen one chatroom where someone has an icon that automatically shows your ip and what browser you’re using and they’re not a moderator or anything, don’t know enough about the web stuff to know if that’s weird or not but it does makes me suspicious.

Even with the masking out it looks so obviously familiar. The individual has gone through the regular names that show up and sourced their emails from their websites. That is so 1999 :slight_smile:

I guess I’m not used to seeing such targeted spam. Unless the Cialis and mortgage stuff is coming to me for a reason!!!

No not targeted spam, but these guys http://www.izzzz/ writing you a part of a mailing list they must have hand created for sales. I know the technique. they were covered by all the sites they mention last year and probably picked up likely regular commenters/readers/members of innovation and design blogs and forums to send out a sale. highly unlikely they even considered that you’d consider it equivalent to viagra spam :slight_smile: sorta like the mass mailings for open houses I used to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess we disagree on terminology, then, because that’s exactly what I mean by targeted spam.

aah, not disagree, just plain cluelessness on my part. didn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!