Innovation Metrics

I am attempting to establish relationships of qualitative data to quantitative data on the back end of an innovation process. I’m thinking once a series of ideas have been generated. I would like to assign some type of values to them to help determine some relationships to each other and establish congruence of the company itself. Some metrics I have in mind are ROI, Cost of Capital, time, etc. Ideally I would like to merge all of those metrics into one “dashboard” in order for me to see any outliers that may exist and others that may need attention.

Is there some magic software that helps to establish this? Or a series of methods that would help me rank profitability of such ideas in realtion to one another?

Hi! Not sure if it is too late or if this is quite what you are looking for…but there is a really neat program I found that made it easy to find statistically significant results in my research with masses of excel data. It is called data desk and it practically has no learning curve.

Here’s their examples page (they are a bit slow to explain but you get the point):

Hope this helps! Good luck!

The best-practices are in these two books:

Winning at New Products by Robert Cooper

Revolutionizing Product Development by Wheelright and Clark