Latest IDSA’s INNOVATION magazine summer 2005 issue:

“Eye for Why: Student’ Vision & Invention” page. 33

First place winner - Branford (Brandon) Warren of California College of Arts

Exact rip off of the Cable Turtle:

How dare you Brandon or Branford!
Not in this age of information!!!
We’re watching YOU

haha fraud.

go take a shower boy, products have different purposes and that cable wrapper is a piece of s**t anyway, useless for thicker computer or printer cables, bought several, threw them out, kept one only, damn junk.

get used to others having similar ideas too, doesn’t mean it was copied, and it’s not like either product solves the global energy crisis, both are lame.

CCA produces good students and good work. But I betcha the amount of awards they get from the IDSA will double now that poster-boy Behar (“photogenic” in their editor’s words) is running the place. Everyone get your knee pads on.


Rip-off police perhaps you should tone things down a bit before you “out” a student like that.

While there is obvious similarity between the folding elastomer elements the function of the products are totally different. Students are often taught to find existing systems and integrate them into new products. If a PDA has a screen and a stylus is it an EXACT rip-off of the origianl Palm. Who was the first person to use a perforated metal grill to protect a speaker grill on a PC speaker. Do the OWN that design?

While I agree that this project may not be innovative and deserving of the award I think it’s fairly pathetic, vindictive, and generally toatally unproductive to post photos like you just did. You probably are pissed that you came in 4th.

Just relax.

The design world must STOP letting these shady idea thieves get credit for just copying shiet.

Look at that little thief smiling for the camera!

Imagine spending the time and energy on an idea to bring and expose to the world for a little piece of sh&#^ to take and get credit for it!?!

Take a look around you. Look at the pencils, pens, watches…see the similarities? hmmmm…wonder why. I guess the are all try to solve similar problems…Perhaps?

“cheap - strong - light . . . . . pick two” - Keith Bontrager

“cheap - strong - light - tasty. . . . . . - pick four” - Me

different product altogether. but it is instantly recognizeable as a cable turtle-inspired design. color doesn’t help.

but the inherent principle behind the idea which is a bi-stable inibody piece of material reliant on geometric shape dictates the form somewhat. so, given this, it does not bother me as much. although it might deter me from awarding it the prize unless the other work was so bad I had not choice.

there are very few original ideas. we need to lighten up a little. nature doesn’t start over. it builds on itself. millions of years of evolution = incremental refinement. this is thinking about it on a macro level and not from a “my design” "your design " standpoint but… sharing is not to accepted these days in the competitive world.

hell, Lovegrove’s Orbit chair won in ID magazine (Jacobsen redo), Nike’s headphones (ripoff of Bang&Olufsen) also, and there were a couple more. Those are the same exact product category as their inspiration.

it is a good recruiting source for him for more concept-generating young designers for fuse. last i heard morale was so bad there that he is going to need find replacements fast. the bay area has such a consentration of designers that you could run this business model for quite a while before exhausting resources and having to relocate to europe.

I don’t get it. How is the concept a rip off? Tell me like I’m a 5yr old.

Obviously you’re not a designer nor a "visual " person, nor even a person that “gets” it.

SPeaker grills and pda screen? that’s your analogy? Are you on drugs?

That’s as general and obsurd as mentioning a geometric shape or a color jerkoff.

The flexible elastomer, the EXACT form, AND FUNCTION, (as well as color) IS A DIRECT COPY. DID I MENTION FUNCTION?

Suppose a PDA was a white rectangle with a tactile iPOD wheel 1/3 off center. It’s NOT A MP3 PLAYER, but with the SAME FORM and FUNCTION for scrolling. COPY or “INSPIRED”?

Try to THINK a little more with effort beyond initial one second reaction next time. Thanks.

I could see both sides of the argument: kid who took the main fnction of a product, and copied it off to be the main function of his project. Kid who got insipred by something and took it onto his project. Won an award. Applause. Great. Both products DO suck and no, they don’t solve global warming. But what products do?


I’m sure if you were the cable turtle designer, you’d sincerely shake his hand and congratulate him on his innovative inventive designer mind. TOP PRIZE!

guest45 doesn’t see anything wrong with this:

Its AMSTERDAM AND CHICAGO!!! SO FAR APART, WHO CARES? They were inspired by it.

I think its vindictive to showcase this on the main page like that. They should have hired a mediator and settled it like hippies in private.

I saw this in Innovation and immediately thought of the Cable Turtle, which is very iconic. (The reason that I think the PDA/speaker-grille argument isn’t considered as valid.)

After reading the description of the product in Innovation, I was left thinking that the designer was actually focusing on a novel technological solution to a real world problem, and the appropriation of the lid was purely secondary. It was the clear winner in comparison to the other concepts.

From a student project POV, I think he did the right thing. He showed that he did his homework on the useful aspect of the product (the tech), while also showing that he did his homework on the novel design aspect of the product (the lid.) Anyone who’s patented a design knows what I mean when I use the very specific legal term ‘novel.’

I do think that in a professional context, this solution would have been rejected due to infringement, but I’m willing to bet that even his second approach would have won the competition.


Hey, my butthole looks just like that cap, in red. Is there no decency left in this world?

It’s funny to see the same concept done differently winning various competitions.
The first time I saw the project I immediately thought of Sam Aquilanno’s fruit bowl, that also won at an international design competition…and that was in 2002, if I’m not mistaken. To make the coincidence even more amusing, Mr. Warren and Mr. Aquillano look a tad alike.

I’m not absolutely positive, but there was one more fruit bowl that also won some student design competition in 2003 or 2004.

I think it was quite great what Brandon Warren did with the design to improve passive cooling abilities of the bowl, but in the upside down/inside out (bowl) state apples&oranges looks like a plunger. Not exactly the most appetizing way to display fresh produce.

…about a year ago i had similar occuance happen when a student won a design competition with a design which was a dead-ringer for one my firm was ready to go into production with…it was determined that the student design was submitted well before we had shown our design publicly…simultaneous invention is fairly common…the telephone and the airplane come to mind…a fruit bowl which uses a similar closure as a cable reel is not a ‘rip-off’ of the latter…no financial impact or other ‘damage’ to the turtle is even plausible…just like the turtle didn’t damage the plunger industry…

Fair enough. A design is either viewed as a ripoff or it’s not, and clearly this one is by more than a few (and like I said, the cable turtle immediately came to mind at first glance for me before seeing this thread.)

The lesson: stay away from iconic designs.