Innovation in Korea...

Here is video of some interesting innovation coming out of South Korea from Tesco. It is a great example of a foreign brand adapting to the local market to compete better with local brands. Has anyone around the globe seen anything similar to this concept in their neighborhood?



Sweet! Sure would work well in a place where people have smartphones and you can get signals in the subway stops (so not NYC :/).

My local Tescos in China has introduced live turtles for cooking as well as poor hygiene through out all its stores, does this count as adaption to the local culture?

This has more to do with local management ignoring the brand.

One of Tesco’s methods I have observed here in Korea is their state of the art training facility out near the Incheon airport. There they train all local employees in the ways in which the brand is to be perceived and experienced. It is quite impressive and the facility is very progressive with its architecture and implementation of alternative energy.

Driving by the facilities front gate, the Tesco logo is presented to the drivers-by and the grounds look like a future city with half of the walkable area filled with low lying solar panels. This is a very expensive proposition by the brand, but I believe it comes later in the phase program after the retail real estate is developed.

China’s model is very good at eliminating such costs for foreign brand insertion I have observed. And, probably with good reason too. As buying a turtle in a pristine environment with soft music and clean floors just does not feel right to a local…thus no sale.