Innovation Course (CEDIM) - Monterrey, Mexico

Hey all,

I’m teaching a course on Innovation starting Monday for 2 weeks at CEDIM (Centro de Estudios de Diseño de Monterrey).

If anyone is in the areas I’d love to be in touch (don’t know anyone there or the city).

The course outline and lecture materials are here -


Looks like an awesome class. Great content, and visuals. Too bad it’s only 2 weeks, how often do you meet? What are the backgrounds of your students?

p.s. Is it possible to save the pdf’s out of issuu? A couple of these would be great for reference in the future.

The class is 4 hours every day for 2 weeks, with a major project that is done in combo with homework and in-class review.

I’m not sure, but I think you can download or print the lecture content from Issuu though I haven’t made it expressly openly available as I may re-package the content later in a more available/restricted format (ie. a textbook or PDF or for download from my own site).


That would be sweet.
Good luck with the class.

That is awesome, congrats Richard!

Thanks all. Will keep you all posted, and if possible maybe even add some more thoughts as the class goes along.


Hey Richard,

Congrats on your course!

At the moment I’m living in Mexico-City, which is still a bit far from Monterrey for me unfortunately. So, although I would love to attend your course I think it will be impossible due to distance and staying there for 2 weeks at a hotel or something. So close yet so far…

How did you come up with Monterrey by the way? Next time Mexico-City perhaps? :wink:


The school (CEDIM) approached me to do the course…


some pics from the course-


Nice! looks like it was a lot of fun for you, and for them. Good looking facilities.

Thanks. ya, it was a great experience. The school does indeed have some nice looking facilities too, and an interesting programme structure. They cover all sorts of disciplines from ID to fashion to graphics, arch, and more. My course was a foundation level course so I had all sorts of students with different backgrounds which also made it quite unique.


So what were the exercises you had the students doing in those fotos? Looks very interesting…

We did a number of things. There were two larger projects -

  1. a cardboard furniture project where they had to figure out a problem, user, scenario, and do a bit of design and prototyping
  2. an analysis and problem solving charrette to improve the school’s cafe. we looked at the efficiency of the system, menu redesigns, line management, all sorts of things and brainstormed solutions to specific distilled problems.

    We also did a lot of smaller exercises. Stuff like taking two random words (one of the pics above) and putting them together a making a movie plot and poster based on it (ie. Mountain Fish). Also did some classics like brainstorming 100 different uses for a pencil…

I actually planned a lot of activities we didn’t get to do too!


Thanks for sharing, I bet it was a great class.

It’d be cool if sometime you did a webinar - I’m sure you would do a heck of a lot more interesting stuff than some of the ones on IDSA I listen in on. Maybe you can get in that circuit, especially for footwear

thanks. I might look into the webinar thing. I’ve never really thought of it, or seen any. I am actually seeing though if I might be able to develop further workshop programs independently, but at this point just in concept stage…