Innovation as commodity

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The word innovation continues to be devalued by overusage. Last night I saw two consecutive TV ads for ordinary consumer products using the buzzword right in their advertising: spray paint and kitty litter.

Devalued by overusage is a good way to put it.

In the paper today, An auto dealer had this quote next to his picture.

“I am dramatically overstocked and must reduce my invertory”

C’mon - dramatically overstocked? Drama?

I see it as advertising using poor word choices. It also points to a condition of filling the space. If there is silence, people need to talk about nothing. If there is space on a lable, someone will put a catchword about nothing.

Lately I have started counting TV ads that totally lost me. I have no idea what the product or service was at the end of the commercial. The ads caught my attention, but failed to sell me something.