Im interested to learn of the day to day problems that city living offers to its occupants. The enviromental concerns with city living? the stress that city workers experience day to day in a fast moving enviroment?

What city live offers in terms of relaxation and space for the indiviual?

one stress faced is due to idiots posting the same message copy and pasted on multiple threads on the same forum.

Think this is an interesting subject, but ask your needs for this information, are you looking for a brief to resolve a common problem that innercity workers experience?

if yes, i would say, from my experience as a city worker is having no private time, which is personnal to me, something or somewhere to go and relax, my personal space. without having my house as the only answer.

One last thing to the guest who posted the first reply. good work, no really, if your struggling to be helpful, just take the easy option and become the idiot you are discribing. if that really stresses you out, dear me why you havent topped ur self beats me? have fun

Oddly enough, riding a fixed gear bike in traffic relaxes me.

I have found that one big stressor is parking. No parking, ever and it’s always a hastle. Also, there may be a bus stop with a bench but thats it. This small areas could be greatly improved for the people that use them everyday (not to mention the buses themselves).