Inkscape... WTF?!!!

I’m working with a graphic designer on some product graphics, she’s running Illustrator, I’m using Inkscape because I’m a cheap bastard. Inkscape can open Illustrator files but doesn’t write to ai. However it saves EPS documents but can’t open them. Are they just trying to make my life difficult on purpose?

I’m fairly sure both programs can open and save .svg files though.

You know you can get Illustrator for like $30 a month, right?

if you still have a student id that works, you can get it for 20 a month…(and the entire master collection, and all the updates)

But why would they make Inkscape read but not write one type of file, and write but not read another? Licensing issues? Royalties? Or may be someone has a twisted sense of humor.

Reading is free, writing requires patent use. That’s what keeps Inkscape cheap and therefore irrelevant.

Just get Illustrator, I know it seems expensive but you will save so much time (and headache) mucking about with files that dont work or dont export/import right…