ink sketching tips for beginner

Hi everyone, new to this site.
I apologize if this question has been asked a lot by now.

I have not drawn in a long time, and would like to get into pen sketching. Product ideas, human form, a bit of architecture maybe. I know for me to learn how to do that is to practice a lot, but if you guys can still give me some tips that would be awesome. Maybe reference a good book on the subject.

Also, is there a kind of paper that suits pen sketching the best?
Was thinking of a Moleskine sketch book and a set of PIGMA pens, but not sure if they are a good match.


Hard to give tips without seeing anything.

Put up some sketches first in the areas you are interested in and we’ll try our best to help you out. Not knowing your skill level, I suggest you just get a stack of cheap printer paper and a papermate ballpoint pen to get you started. I dont think you need to spend 20$ for a moleskin atm.

For sketching, Moleskins are way way way overpriced in my opinion. Get a sketchbook from Barnes and Noble or one of those places. I got some for $5.99 each. They look like books.

I use a fine tip Bic Ballpoint Pens. I buy a box of them at Staples and they are also pretty cheap. They let you get a really nice skinny line plus you can ghost lines on the paper which a gel pen can’t do.

The next step up Pilot Hi-TecC pens. They do very very thin lines and flow really well. Not as good for sketching but great for overlays.

Thank you guys
I think you’re right, being a beginner and using the fancy stuff doesn’t make much sense.

Is there a book or something on tips? Shading shadows, reflections, that kind of stuff. What drawing patterns look best when done with a pen?

Like sketchroll said, post some of your work so people can see where you are at.

To get a solid foundation in the basics, Scott Robertson’s DVD’s are a must in my opinion. I never had schooling for drawing so I learned by books, a lot of drawing and recently his DVD’s.