Ink Jet printer trouble

We have an Epson Stylus Photo 2200 sitting in the studio and hasn’t been used for a long time. I decided to try to get it to work since it’s a pretty damn good printer.

The printer uses 7 individual cartridges. I bought a brand new set, put it in and ran the test print. Only one of them isn’t printing. I ran the print head cleaning application a few times, left it for 2 days to let the ink soak into the print head, but still doesn’t print.

I am leaning towards a faulty print head because the cartridge is new and there’s ink coming out from it.

Also, the print head is mounted on the printer, not the cartridge, so I cannot do manual cleaning with alcohol.

Any idea of what else I can do? Or how can I be sure if it’s the print head or the cartridge that is busted?

Epsons seem to be notoriously finnicky when they sit for a while.

What color isn’t printing? Have you tried just making a full sheet of that color and printing it - see if maybe you can blast it through? I found mine tends to print one sheet of crap when I first use it after a long hiatus but after that cleans it out it’ll start working again, even when the diagnostics/head cleaning seem to say otherwise.

The test print basically prints each color, so you can check it’s print quality and alignment. All the other colors printed fine, except the more saturated magenta(there are 2 types).

Here’s the printer info and a little description of its print head technology:

I personally have the 1280 and I love it. I’ve been using it since 03 and it’s still kicking ass. It has similar cartridge system as well as print heads. the only difference is that the color is one cartridge instead of each color being its own.

Yeah the 1280 is the same one I have (couldn’t think of the # and I knew it wasn’t the 1800).

I might still try the big color block page. I definately remember one time the Epson test page showed one of the cartridges not printing anything. I printed a big swatch of the color that wasn’t working and it started behaving again.

Otherwise check google for some various cleaning techniques - if its a studio printer you don’t have to be that worried if you destroy it. :slight_smile:

That link is really helpful. I’m gonna grab a bottle windex!