Ink jet printer? Networked for mac & pc

We (work) are looking to get a new printer. Right now our Epson 1280 prints nice… when it prints but we cannot use it with our server (for both mac and pc). It also disconnect from the current mac and a bunch of other screwy printing issues.

We also have a Tectronix Phaser 780 but the color isn’t as good as on the epson.

Any suggestions? Anyone have any experience with Cannon? I have a multifuntion one at home but that wouldn’t be something we would consider for work… we can spend a bit more than I did and it only prints up to legal size.

Hey, didn’t we have this conversation a couple of years ago? I love my Canon S9000. Prints up to 13" x 19" and it prints great…but only if you buy some RIP software to go with it. I got my printer two years ago for $175 (it’s now been replaced with a newer version), and I spent $225 for the RIP. Not chumpchange, but I have used it for all the freelance work I do…

Good luck,