Injection Molded portfolio case

Thought I’d share this bit of info, we have had a couple of intern positions over at where I work, (Stockton Design Group) and one of the applicants brought in a truly gorgeous portfolio. I can’t post any images for confidentiality reasons, but basically the guy had a really slim, clean injection moulded case holding a book that presented his product design portfolio.

The work inside his book was great too, and the case really enhanced it, (not to mention wow the office). Judging the cover sometimes matters!

  • Maia Sturn

I recently got a sweet aluminum case. It looks like a hollow Mac Book Pro, and you can get them in a huge array of sizes from 4" x 6" to 36" x 24"… pricey as heck. I got 11" x 17", I think it was $80.

I stopped by paperhaus when I was in Seattle for some research and saw a bunch of cool
folios, folders, etc. There were a lot of them that I liked, but wanted to change just slightly, so I walked with just the business card and knowing that they’re out there.

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thats not that expensive. got a link for those? sounds sweet.

i have a Karim Rashid for Magis injection molded portfolio case. got it for the durability. that thing has been to more interviews and thown in carryon, and still looks good… although over time, the case doesnt close that tight anymore (around the sides, away from the integral hinge and closure), so looking for a replacement.


Do you mean this…?

Pina Zangaro case. Been wielding this for a few years now. Premium quality, and you can really tell in person,. Had a fashion designer girl friend of mine sew up a leather sleeve out of some left over $50M private jet top quality seat leather… I have the 11x14", I think it was $100+ though?

I attempted to etch my signature on the front, I didn’t like the result… sanded it out, sold it, bought a new one.

I saw those, and was all about them. I think the letter size was like 50 or 60, not sure, but I ended up taking my family to the local modern art museum, and found the same deal, with a note pad in it, for 25, I really like it. Has anyone tried a loose leaf portfolio, I was worried about getting the pages mixed up, but in my last interview, I really like being able to spread them out on the table and talk about a whole project at once

A girl I went to school with had a portfolio like that, buth with each page mounted some thicker stock (maybe illustration or mounting board) all carried in a nice presentation box. I remember it going over very well, but she did have a little trouble keeping it all in order, and always seemed to be a little worried it she would be in the middle of presenting and find it out of order.

The price is not too bad, but I was thinking more of from the old student angle.

The price went down on line, but they don’t have the large formats above 11X17 that they had in the store:

Manufacturer: Pina Zangaro