injection mold formula

Does anybody know a quick “formula” to estimate the cost of a production injection mold? I am just looking for ballpark costs.
Seems like every-time I ask a manufacturer to give me an estimate the price is always between $20K and $25K even though the products are all different and the material weights are different.

BTW. I usually work on small products, I am not talking about large molds.


small part? estimates sound U.S. not Asia. might be more geospecific.

there are online estimators. usually machine shop sites. cant find old link i had. it was nice. input a part file and get a quote. numbers have changed so much last 10 years i dont know any working formulas anymore. bummed i cant find that calculator…

Here are some of the major things that influence cost:

  1. Can the tool be made out of only 2 parts (basically meaning a simple top and bottom, with no severe undercuts). If not, sliders (side to side actions) will need to be added to the tool, and that significantly increases the cost.

  2. How many do you want made? If it’s a relatively low amount, you can get away with an aluminum mould, which is cheaper since it’s easier to mill out.

  3. Depth. How tall is the part? Though tonnage (the size of press needed to move the tool in and out) is also important. The larger the part, the more tonnage you will need. this doesnt’ necessarily determine tool price though.

Hi Casper,

A while ago i found this online cost calculator

you can also enter the region where it will be made

Does anybody has more links like this? It’s always good to compare…

thanx Qter, that was exact. what i was looking for!

Best :smiley: