injection mold cost "formular"

Does anybody know a quick “formula” to estimate the cost of a production injection mold? I am just looking for ballpark costs.
Seems like every-time I ask a manufacturer to give me an estimate the price is always between $20K and $25K even though the products are all different and the material weights are different.

BTW. I usually work on small products, I am not talking about large molds.


I have created a small spread sheet to estimate the cost of a plastic part once the mold is done. If you are interested send me an e-mail and I can forward it to you.

There are some companies that can quote tools with an uploaded file. For example:

Quick parts toling is for prototype pars for UL, CE, FDA type testing. They will give you a non-production part disclosure. Also they are limited in the number of parts they will produce. But can be either machined alluminum or alluminum impregnated epoxy.

Either way not production tools. Tooling costs also depend on the intended injection machine. If using the same mold body insert size you are always going to be purchasing the same amount of steel stock, and basically the same amount of CAM time. Only difference is the level, and type of surface finish, and the number of slides and other actions.

Parts and moldbody must be really small. Our handheld products molds ususally run 50-100K for 2-4 cavity open and close molds.

I can get production molds designed and built in Al. for close to the cost of these fast molds. 20% more for steel.

Big factor in the cost of molds is if they need EDM or special texture. EDM is required for sharp edges and deep cuts in parts. If the part is small, pretty simple, does not have core pulls, and the mold can be machined with .1" ball end mill it can cost as low as 4k

There is also an option for MUD bases for smaller parts. This is a standard mold base that inserts slide into. The inserts are around 4x6

most molder have these components


If interested you can e-mail me at address above.