Information on Industrial design in colleges in Canada

Im interested in furniture design, i have been researching on ECIAD, OCAD and Carleton. But i cant decide on which one to go to. Does any one have any suggetions on which school is stronger in my area of studies?

also check out university of alberta, and if you speak french, university of montreal.

emily carr and ocad are art schools, so they differ quite a bit from carleton. carleton is part of the engineering school, so it emphasizes more on ergonomics, engineering, manufacturing, and a pragmatic & holistic design approach…less form & more function - imho better base of pure industrial design! their alumni is very strong now!

ocad and eciad are more based on conceptual projects, thought provoking objects, and the more artistic side of design solutions - which has its merits as well! Especially if you aren’t keen on taking calculus and algebra at carleton …lol

after seeing both grad shows numerous times, I can certainly say that there are some projects that would fly at eciad, and never be approved at Carleton – and vice versa

that being said, all schools are what you make of it, and upon graduating from any of the 3, you will have a good skill set and portfolio to enter the real world of design - all 3 are quite established and have equal respect among the canadian design community

for furniture, emily carr may be the best, they have great ties with the local wood industry, but in all honesty, having a broad base in all aspects of design will make you a better furniture designer!!!