Information on ASU Grad ID Program

Hi, this is my first time posting on Core77, though I have been visiting the site for a while now. I have looked through the boards and have not found anything related to the Arizona State graduate ID program. I was wondering what was known about the program and if there are any students currently enrolled or graduates that could provided insight. I have just been accepted and will attend an open house in the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to see what was known about ASU in the ID community. Much appreciated!

Congrats! I am only familiar with the program about 10 years ago. It seemed really good. It was concentrated on design research and an ethnographic approach. I’m in Eastern Canada now and ASU is unknown here, so I haven’t really kept up.

I actually graduated May of 2012 from the under grad ID program. I had much interaction with grad classes as sometimes our class would overlap studio hours. Under grad program was great there, and the instructors are all working professionals…that being said, I didn’t really feel that the Grad program had as much to offer compared to other grad ID schools I have been looking at. Basically how I saw it is you do good amount of research and awesome instructors like Dosun show you an over view of technical skills such as digitally sketching etc.

ASU is kind of a “catch 22” school. Its a great school, and they have been recently investing more and more money into the design school. The way the programs are set up tho, is you get what you put into…Meaning the instructors are amazing and have a ton of real life experience and awesome network, so if you can become very familiar with them they will offer you a lot outside of what the school “offers”. But if you plan on going to classes and doing what is required and keep to yourself, you will really miss out of the things that you will learn from the instructors themselves outside of class periods.

So the main reason I would consider going to ASU Grad program would be because of the great staff and would want to work with them, ask them questions, discuss ideas and really tap into what they have to offer me (which is alot) out side of classes. The classes and grad program itself tho, are good, but I do believe there are better ones if your not a “Go getter” type of person and are hoping to get assignments that will tell you and push you further then what you expect…The instructors will do so if you utilize them!

Hope that helps!


Thanks MR-914 and dctalks, any information is helpful!

Thanks for this, it is actually really helpful. I am prepared to put everything into any program I go to, and would say I am more of the 'go getter" type, so it is good to know that regardless of the ASU drawbacks, I do have the ability to take advantage of what they can offer outside of classes. I suspect I will have a better idea if this is the school for me after the open house as well. Thanks again!

Hi guys… Does anyone on this ship has more information about ASU’s Grad MID program? I heard it started just 2 years back… Is that true?