information about footwear market. . .

Somebody knows where I get information about footwear market in the world? mainly in the United States and Europe? I would like answers to some ask as those:

  • how many pairs of footwears the American consumer buys annually?

  • how many are tennis shoes? how many are social shoes and how many are slippers?

  • which the consumption difference between men and women?

  • which is the market leaders?

Thanks for any help…

try the above for athletic footwear sales etc…there are loads of stats companies that report this data but it is typically expensive.

Mintel reports are also good resource

SGI (sporting goods intelligence) has similar reports and info published in their newsletter and market facts publications. again, very expensive. $895 USD for non subscribers.

They do however have a monthly newsletter (there is a US and also a euro version) that commonly has data such as what you are looking for in it. If you can find someone willing to share or spend a bit of time looking through the issues (they are published in PDF), im sure you can get the data.

have you tried researching your questions via google? sure there must be something out there in the public domain…