Info on St. Etienne Intl. Design Biennial?

A week or so ago I saw on Core77 that the St. Etienne design biennial is coming up. (Nov. 6-12). I heard good things from some non-designers who lived nearby. I checked out the official site[1] and it has basic info, but it really doesn’t give me any good REASONS to go. (it is a typical low content flash site)

Is anyone planning on going? Exhibiting? Is this more a conference for the public, or for designers?

Just trying to figure out if it is worth the cost and time.


Although I haven’t gone myself, the show looks like a great design festival. I can’t quote the numbers, but hundreds of exhibits from more than 50 countries. I’ve seen a preview of the US installation (published on C77 in November) and it is really great.

We will also publish a review/photo gallery of the show in December if you don’t end up making it.

A design festival? Well, that sounds like more fun than a conference. Thanks for the feedback.