Info about Milan ID design school

If you really want to study in IED (Milano)… pls go visit the school or check out some student work and you’ll know…

the school is very disorganized… you never know which know which classroom to go to because they change it every week cos the school doesn’t have enough classrooms (it’s about 3 basketball courts plus 4 floors) and you need to reserve for the use of computer(two hours only…), besides computers we have one scanner and one a4 size b/w printer(it’s broken all the time!)

this yr i had- real life drawing, geometrical drawing,technical drawing, illustrator(had only 3 times!!), photoshop, autocad, modelling(I learnt polystyrene and paper),marketing, color and material(this first teacher couldn’t speak english and they changed it but the whole thing didn’t connect anymore… I didn’t get what was going anymore), modern art, history of architecture and industrial design(the teacher spoke english but in a VERY STRONG italian accent, nearly 80 percent of the students couldn’t understand anything),ergonomics(always late or absent!), technology and approach… from what I see is, they try to teach too many things in such a short time(we have school ONLY 4 days a week, average 4 hours a day…)

till now, I feel like I just did a pre-profolio course…

if u see my thread, pls let me know if this normal???(I REALLY DON’T THINK IT IS)

I plan to leave IED and apply for Eindhoven art academy next yr(cos it’s too late for this yr =()
can someone give me some advise about how to prepare the skills I need to make a decent profolio so I can get in to the schools of my dream??!!

thanks it means alot to me!!!

tutto bene everyone =)[/b]

Do u mean to say IED is good.?

Which are these schools that u dream about?
Every school has a committe which selects. Knowing
a lil about the school will give an idea of wat they
look for?
Many schools focus on Conceptual portfolios as opp
to just pics and dwgs. They want to figure out the whole
design process that the applicant went through so as to
assess the ability to visualise, design and execute the vision.

Be sure to include good scketches and make sure the poprtfolio
helps link all items shown. That is communicate clearly.

All the best.
Hope u get in Liquidflow (?)