info. about FDA - Florence Design Academy

hello people,
i am looking for options for studying industrial design in U.S. and Europe,
and need some information about the shcools.
i am an architect by profession, if that might help…
i found a link to F.D.A and visited the site, but frankly wasn’t impressed with the way the site looks and even wonder what the admission criteria is…?? it so seems that they do it on “first come, first served basis”

wonder what the school really does…??
any idea guys??

Hey ,

I was in the same boat a couple of months ago. Am an architect too, the only diff being I wanted to study Interior Des as opp to Ind. des.

This is what I found out abt FDA -

  1. It is a school that stresses on imparting software skills.
    It is not a concept based program. Saying that from what I hear
    they are very good at that. Really good faculty as far as software go.

  2. It is far cheaper and I mean far!!! than most of the other schools
    in Italy. Florence is more exp tho, to live in than Milan.

  3. The course is much shorter. 8 months as opp to 1 year progs.

  4. No portfolio required which makes u wonder …hmmm…

  5. Lots of mixed opinions here within this forum abt FDA. 75% is positive.

In my opinion, since ur changing ur field altogether u shd apply to a more
comprehensive and more challenging a program. Domus Academy (Milan)
I hear is fantastic for Ind Des.Expensive but worth it. Has quite a rep as well. Or u could try IED.
These are just schools in Italy. There are many others…go through the forum and u’ll come across plenty of threads. Im no expert on Ind design progs. But i do know abt FDA.

Good luck.

Oh yeah btw, the FDA course starts in SEP!! U have very lil time.
If u wanna go u better hurry. Visa processing for non EU folks
takes some amount of time.

P.S I hadnt signed in earlier, the prev mess was mine.