influence of CAD on the designer

Hello everyone

I am currently studying industrial design at loughborough university, and am in the process of constructing my final year dissertation. The title of which is " an investigation into the tools used by the industrial designer and how computer aided design has influenced the design process"

I would be very grateful for any of your opinions on this subject. or whether some of you could answer some of the following questions.

What computer aided design techniques were available to you during your education?

Do you believe there is an ideal way of working for a designer? i.e. A model design process that can be used throughout the design industry.

How has CAD software developed since your first beginnings as a designer?

What CAD software do you use (i.e. Pro-engineer, Photoshop, rhino) and describe the benefits and disadvantages to using them?

Do you feel emerging CAD technolgy has enhanced the design process? And why?

Has it allowed for more freedom in the products designed, or has it limited you in anyway? And why?

I have found varying opinions on this subject depending on the skill set, education and place of work of the industrial designer. would be grateful for your opinions.


as a young designer I recommend using computer less and sketch more. There are so many techniques for proving form with parametric and non parametric modelers that will make more sense later on. Although a 3d deliverable is are worth more money to the end customer, you really need to learn with that pencil to a high level first.

i personally believe it has limited me (allow me to explain) ive been to few design schools,but since $$ was an issue i was not able to graduate. i would say that my sketching is pretty good, but since every design job out there requires to know design programs such as solidworks, 3d max, photoshop etc, it has put me on low level because i am not able to learn certain programs due to the fact that i cant get a hold of them or cant find the school that is not charging crazy amount of $ to teach them. so yes i think it made it for me a bit tough, but my will is strong, and i will reach my goal.

just today I noticed PTC announced for a free 30 day free trial.

I even wrote an article about that 30 day trial with respect to the Rhino 3d free download on

I believe the 30 day free trial is a low end cad thing to do however PTC did it this month with Wildfire. It is about time that a hi-end CAD maker got balls to allow for a free trial. not sure what all is in there for the free trial maybe someone will try to download it and tell us.

Could it be that nobody’s buying?