infected, spammed & scammed?

…i recently clicked on an innocent looking link within a post here at core77, which turn out to be a brief porn video and which i quickly closed…then my laptop started slowing way down and then i started receiving numerous pop-ups from a variety of spyware cleaners, telling me that my system was infected with such and such spyware virus and that they could clean it up me!

now, just how would they know, if they didn’t infect my computer in the first place?

i have norton anti-virus which has been detecting and taking something out, but it keeps coming back!

i bought some spyware cleaner some months ago but the company is now out of biz and i cannot activate it.

tell me that these companies are not the perps and profiteers in all of this!

tell me just what, if anything, can be done to keep this from happening again?

use avgfree, works nicely. from grisoft I think.