Inexpensive Point and Shoot

I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this sort of question…

I recently bought myself a canon rebel to use at school. I love it, but the problem is that it’s too large to really travel w/ all the time. Obvious problem, i know.

I don’t have alot of spare cash but I’d like to buy myself a second, point and shoot camera that can easily fit in my bag and that has a decent zoom and image stabilization. I don’t need anything fancy, I just want to be able to document details i see when walking around.

i’m considering the Powershot A590 IS. I’m aware that it’s an ugly camera, but I just want something that’s functional.

I’d be willing to spend up to around 200 dollars if there’s a significantly better option out there but I’d prefer to spend as little as possible.

any opinions? what point and shoot do you carry around, do you like it?

thanks for all your help

I would get something even more compact. I’ve had a Canon Powershot SD600 for a few years now and I love it because it’s always in my bag. Portability is everything (especially since you have the option of your super-nice camera), I just got a Powershot SD890IS, and it’s really good too.

If by ‘document details,’ you mean design research and related spontaneous stuff, consider getting a Flip MinoHD - for roughly $200 you can use it as both a research camera and camcorder. Dunno if it has image stabilization though.


The SD890IS looks like a real possibility. Amazon has it reduced to a little under 200 dollars and it seems to have positive reviews all around.

As to the camcorder. I’ve never really filmed anything. I don’t know if i’d use the video settings often enough to justify buying a camcorder instead of a plain camera. I’m starting my first year of design this fall so I guess I don’t know what’s standard for design research. Is video a pretty standard component? Ultimately I am interested in buying something that I can use for the next couple of years, so yes, I did want to use this camera to help w/ design research.

Thanks for your perspective…you’re giving me considerations/variables that wouldn’t have occurred to me otherwise.