inerested in interaction design...

i am interested in getting into interaction design. my schooling was in industrial and graphic design. i am not sure what kind of portfolio pieces that is considered interaction design. i am posting this Q hoping some one could lead me into the right direction… thanks n adv

all kind of help/advice is welcomed.

Have you done anything that you would consider Interaction Design? It’s unlikely that you’ll get a job doing it unless you can show you’ve done it (via school or professional practice.)

The key is in communicating the focus on the users interaction with the device. I expect to see:

  • Examples of discovery and evaluative research, with a tie-in to how it led to improved design
  • Examples of Information architecture (visio diagrams)
  • Examples of Storyboards
  • Examples of Screen Design (ie. Information Design)
  • Examples of design-communication documents
  • Examples of the final product

how can i teach myself about the field? all the help would be great

Read the articles:

Read the books:
Inmates are Running the Asylum, Cooper
About Face 2.0, Cooper
Contextual Design, Holtzblatt
Design of Everyday Things, Norman
Designing Interactions, Moggridge

Attend the conferences:

Take a course:

thanks for all the great info…

In my opinion ‘interaction design’ is a way of thinking, a philosophy if you want. It is different from ‘industrial design’ because it takes ‘values’ and ‘goals’ of users as a starting point. You could do a lot of reading, especially about some of the methods used to dig in the users life / context. You might want to have a look here as well;
putting people first
interaction design blog
like it matters

Goodluck with reading and feel free to ask questions!