indutrial design and poetry.

hey, guys.
Industrial design has sure made a long journey, since Sullivan coined ‘form follows function’. and its also true that every designer interprets this discipline in his own way.
design, does much more than provide people with apparatuses of mechanical asssistance. that softer part of it. where-in the designer becomes a poet and the object the vechical for the idea,reaching into the live of numerous people.
what do you think about, how do u define that ‘emotional aspect’ of product design. POETRY, do u think theres any?

If you’re refering to “poetry” as the emotional feel of a product, then of course some products are poetic. Some products do more than just the use they were made for. Some make us feel a certain way by seeing them, touching them, sitting in them, using them and so on. Those are the products which have taken that extra step of “poetry” in my books.

A design poem?

(done for a couple of years back)

design is different from peotry in the material used. design uses objects as a vehicle. poetry uses language. objects or forms have physical constraints . language has communication constraints. to develop a system for physical communication you must have knowledge of both. to do it subconciously might be the easiest and most natural way to approach the problem but if you want to develop a philosophy that represents a system of thought then you must indeed learn both poetry and design. it’s a great deal of work but probably worth the effort.