Industrial Footwear Books

I’ve been looking to get some books on industrial footwear design, but more specifically manufacturing. Perhaps even textbooks. Does anyone know where I should look?

Maybe this might be of some help.

This is the only book I can think of that really explains the processes of footwear manufacture specifically sports shoes.

It is a fantastic book and was a bit of a bible for me when I graduated. I still refer to it now.

Sorry, I don’t know any books (aside from a book I may or may not write in the future).

I can suggest though to check my First Pullover blog, which covers a lot and if you can’t find the info you are looking for, post here and I’ll try to help.

First Pullover


Thanks all. I’ll look into getting that book.

@ R

I’m familiar with your blog and has been a great help.

I’ve also been thinking about getting the manual of shoemaking. What are the thoughts on the manual here?


Is it just an interesting read but outdated or is it worth it?

I don’t know the book - I learnt to make shoes by taking lessons, we didn’t study any books.

I learnt to make shoes by taking lessons, we didn’t study any books.

Olds Kool. By apprenticeship? Or formal training?

Footwear degree here.

It was 20 years ago when I graduated, so I’ve no idea how much pattern cutting and making they teach, now. When I studied, most of the first year was the basics of pattern cutting and shoe making.

Hotmix will know more, he graduated a little more recently.

ETA it was a brilliant course and I’m really proud that I studied there.