Industrial Engineer + Industrial Designer??

I was just going to write the same post you just did. I am currently studying industrial engineering in madrid, however what I really want to do (have discovered in the process…) is industrial design. I find it more creative and what i want to do in the future.

However I still have 2 more years (in spain is 5 years) to go…

What I was wondering was a couple of things…

  1. Although in my own time i have read many books on design, I have used photoshop for a 6 years now, 3dmax, and have done some jobs on web and print design… I wanted to know what are the general basic “requirements” to work on a design team now a days on companies?
  2. Is my Industrial Engineering studies enough to get involved in de design market, or should I study (after I finish my studies) a Industrial Design?
  3. Could I just study a Masters degree (on say transport design)?
  4. Would a combination of engineer and designer be suficiently valued after all the effort?

There are many more questions I have related to all this… but a few answers to these would be very valuable from me…

I am trully on a dilema. Since although I enjoy engineering, design is without a doubt my vocation…

Thank you very much in advance for any reply

how do you feel about math?

Your answer will determine what you need to do

I dont have much of a problem with math… however in the future I prefer working on the ideas, on the artistic side, in the creative part of design. I have learned much about fluids, calculations, aerodinamic models, heat transfer, termodinamic motors, electronics, and mechanics… But in my future job in the design world I DONT want to be the engineer that puts the fisical restrictions on the on the prototype develop by the industrial designers. I want to be a industrial designer. I want to put the ideas and the artistic side to the development (with the sligth advantage of having an initial notion of the limits of my designs).

does that clarify my dilema?
thank you again

My dad studied Industrial Engineering. First, IE is very math oriented. You better be very good in math. Also, IE designs factory layouts of machinery and people to maximize productivity. ID designs products. There is very little, if any, math. They are two very different disciplines.