Industrial Designing as a Career

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum, came across this site when I goggled on forums relating to industrial design. Anyway I have just recently completed a diploma in Mechanical engineering, and intend to pursue a degree. I have always been interested in drafting, and have a little exposure to the designing process and conceptualisation. It has always been a debate over a degree in Mechanical Engineering or one in Industrial Design.

Any recommendations on books that will help in understanding the concepts in Industrial Design, analysis of a product, ergonomics etc?

Also, for those who are in this field, what are the important qualities, skills that needs to be developed? Any suggestions on going about starting a portfolio?


…donald norman has a couple of books you could start with; ‘the design of everyday things’ and ‘emotional design: why we love (or hate) everday things’.

…as for skills; sketching, 3d cad, sketching, model building, sketching and a tolerance for mba ‘babble’…did i mention sketching?

…to start a portfolio i suggest that you…start sketching!

…sorry, i shouldn’t be flip…but your ability to document a concept/idea in a few strokes of a #2 pencil or pen is key to everthing else.

mrd, thanks for the advice. I am currently honing my sketching techniques and analytical skills, at the same time reading up on some figure drawing materials.

As for CAD programs, I am familiar with ProE and solidworks, and a little of AutoCAD.