Industrial Designers - bad habits & good practices

Two interesting posting on the DesignSojourn site:
25+ bad habits of Industrial Designers:
Most are applicable beyond ID discipline, but provides a perspective as to how ID or any creative discipline can be perceived. I do find it interesting that #12 is stuck right between the Engineering and Marketing disciplines, which is where ID typically finds itself, when Marketing and Engineering won’t compromise!
11) Not being friends with Engineering.
12) Forgetting to compromise.
13) Not being friends with Marketing.

Balancing the ‘bad habit’ list is the 7 habits of Highly Effective Industrial Designers:

One of the best ways to rectify #12 and #13 is to take classes at the business school if you’re in a university setting.

Apart from Marketing 101 (a requirement) I took Consumer Behavior, Statistics, Accounting and other business classes as electives from the Syracuse business school. Many times marketing students work on group projects whereas as a design student, often, I worked on my own. Plus, the designer-ego gets in the way.

You’d be surprised how receptive non-designers are when you speak their language.

Insofar as engineers are concerned I just use proactive pursuasion; they are industrial designers’ best friends, believe it or not.

  1. Making things that can be produced instead of creating “insanely” great products. (by Idris Mootee)… so a insanely great product is one that cannot be produced?

That’s interesting. My best friends have always been either engineers or marketing people. I’ve even crossed over to the dark side and have gone into marketing.

'sfunny. I misread your comment as being:
“You’d be surprised how repetitive non-designers are once you speak their language.”

Somehow Freudian I guess.