industrial designers are eco-saboteurs

You people are pathetic,
You make a living by creating fashionable landfill.
At best your poor engineers.

I’m a troll,
Please respond to my ignorant comment.
I want attention.

Sounds like a guilty designer posing as an outsider.

what do you do captain planet? I design surgical devices for the treatment and prevention of cancer. sorry if you feel that is “fashionable landfill”. you could at least have the decency to come up with some sort of intelligent opinion, and not a second hand statement that you overheard somewhere! yes your right in a small number of cases, but the majority of us create products that are of value, a value that most of the time prevents them ending up on this “fashionable landfill”. Please come back to us with your real, thought-out argument, and perhaps then we can respect and listen to what you have to say! oh and please do tell us what you do that is so wonderful and good for the world!

Go provoke the marketing and advertising people and leave us alone.

Until “new and improved” gets demoted from it’s undeserved loftiness, designers will always be slaves to the latest trend and the newest colour. The very best designs are not only durable, but are beautiful enough to have needed no marketing effort. Any item worth keeping must not only do its job well, but be easy to operate.

Landfill is created by demand for useless trinkets. It is created by a lack of foresight and a burgeoning middling class.