Industrial Designer vs. Product Designer

Which would you rather see on your business card?

Industrial Designer or Product Designer?

By the way, it’s in the soft goods industry.

I’ve always had Industrial Designer

While with Atlantic Luggage Company I had Product Designer.

Industrial Designer sounds more professional to me.


It’s all the same…

I was always told that Product Design is a subsection of Industrial Design. That Product is mostly Consumer Products and electronics whereas Industrial is furniture, medical, electronics, consumer, etc. But most people do use both terms interchangeably.

3d designer i hate ID or PD

haha 3D designer? what crap!? even advertising comprehensives use “3D design” - but it’s not industrial design.

architecture is 3D design, as well as pottery and other crafts.

and here’s a lesson for all of you: ID is not equal to Product Design

ID is a broader field which includes systems design as well as POP and exhibitions (which are obviously not products).

if you design an irrigation somewhere in a ricefield - is that product design? NOT. but for sure it is design for industry (which is basically what industrial design is).

people like this is why i hate using ID or PD, and use 3d design

i meant “architecture is 3D design TOO, but it’s not ID”

3D design is limiting. it doesn’t include 2D, or 4D…that’s why maybe you’re only good at 3D.

hey guest, how would you categorize interface design then - which is at the core of industrial design nowadays?

it’s not 3d right?

so stop your 3d righteousness.

Stop Your 2D righteousness.

I just have “designer” on my card. These days in addition to doing footwear, I’m also doing a lot of graphics, accessories, and some pop and spaces. Its easier to decribe oneself as a creative person capable of thinking along multiple lines.

some places take product designer to mean stylist
and industrial designer to mean …industrial designer

why not just use product industrial designer … kekeke …

At many companies, these are totally different jobs. At Apple, for instance, a product designer is mainly an engineer, while an industrial designer is someone who focuses on how a product looks. Stanford’s “Product Design” school has a heavy focus on technical training - it’s a wing of the mechanical engineering school, whereas most Industrial Design programs focus on sketching and presentation.

So, the trend in the industry seems to say: Product = engineering Industrial = pretty.

…it’s a largely undefined industry anyway, so call yourself whatever you want; no one looks at that stuff anymore.

This all depends on who your audience is - or, whom is taking your card for reference. If you work for a big company and your company’s clients are not sure what an Industrial Designer is… well, I’m not sure what that means. I have found that some marketing folks see “industrial” and that confuses them somewhat - “product” seems to make sense to them. I am often introduced as “our product design manager” to visitors.

My card says Senior Industrial Designer, but when I meet somebody in an elevator, I say my profession is Furniture Design. It’s just so much easier this way with a layperson. And it sounds cool.

I’m with Yo, I just use designer on my card. It saves me from discussions like this and allows me to define myself as a creative f***ing genius.

My card say’s product decorator. That ususally gets eyes on my portfolio. All I do is make 'em pretty.