Industrial Designer Portfolio

Hey guys, I was hoping I could get some feedback advice on my portfolio. I graduated from Georgia Tech in May, had an internship designing LEDs for a lighting company over the summer, and since then have been looking for a full-time while freelancing. I’m really hoping to get a job with a consultancy because I want to design a variety of products, and I think I would love that work environment much more. I’m certainly not opposed to another internship if it’s a design firm i.e. the recent Frog internship posting I applied for.

I think I definitely highlight my strengths, one of them being versatility. I’m pretty well-rounded, but not stellar in any particular part of the design process. I’m certainly interested in a lot of directions… Maybe too many at this point. I think the portfolio really tells a story, as I compare my design process and design in general to bringing Order from Chaos. It can be quite a mess of sketches, models, explorations, etc. but it all comes together in the end as a refined concept.

So far I’ve gotten some bites with phone interviews but no further interest…

My questions are:
What are my strengths/weaknesses as you see them?
What can I be working on to improve/add to these projects?
Where do I go from here?

Prints and Logos are good… so is your illustration of products.

Check this site… this might help you with answers