Industrial Designer from Monterrey Mexico

I graduated in December 2005 as an Industrial Designer from the Tec de Monterrey University and I spend 3 months in austin and houston looking for Jobs all over the US not only Austin ad houston and I couldnt find anything.
All the Companies said that you have to hold on to a Working visa to be eligible to work in the US but thats so Stupid cause we are not able to work unless the company provide us with the Working visa. The company as to sponsor us so we are able to work.

I want some help PLEASE I want to know if ANYONE that read this can help me find a Head hunter, an Employment Agency or a Company that gives working visas.

And also to start making companies understand that we cannot apply to a job with a working VISA cause they have to provide us with ONE.
THANK YOU in advanced to everyone
Anything will be helpfull


I think there are two things going on here:

  1. Companies do not want to spend any time or money getting the visa for a recent graduate.
  2. With all of the homeland security and illegal immigration issues in the US right now companies are scared of what the government will do next.

I am not trying to offer any excuses as I find these reasons short sighted. I am just giving my thoughts as an expat US citizen.

que onda Bielas?

I know it´s hard to get a job in the US, I once tried that also, but they always ask you for a working Visa upfront, but as you were saying they have to sponsor you or al least have a job offering to get it.

But don´t get me wrong, that doesn´t mean that you can´t get a job over there, If you can prove yourself you´ll definitely get a job. So don´t give up. I actually know a few people that are working over there right now.

As for me, I hope that someday I´ll be able to move to the U.S., but right now I what to start my own company.