hi guys
im currently a foundation student at UK
hoping to study industrial design for BA.
could you possibly give me a list of good universities for industrial design (product design) which i can look into within UK, mainly london but anywhere else would be fine for now.
thanks in advance for your help

Id look at Loughborough (about 1.30hrs north of london), Brunel (in london) and Northumbria (a looong way from london!). I think the brunel and loughborough courses from what I gather are pretty similar, Im at Loughborough in my third year and currently doing an internship.

The course at Loughborough has recently undergone a restructuring, the BA and BSC used to run concurrently in the first yr and then depending on your modules picked in the second year you were awarded a BA or BSC, now you pick BA or BSC straight from the off. i think this is because the BA has become alot more popular and the course has been shifting in this direction over the last few years.

The northumbia course is smaller in terms of numbers which i think is a good thing (loughborough has around 120 students a year), and again from what Ive heard it has a good reputation.

There is also Central Saint Martins in London which Ive heard mixed things about and Middles3x which is a fairly young course which is close to london.

If its not too late for you applying I would go to the New Designers show in June(?) where you will be able to see all the unis stands, see the graduates work etc.

yeh i know
i heard the same with CSM
most people say it Used to be good where as now its totally differernt.
Which would you say is the best uni for Industrial design in UK ?

i would say it comes down to Loughborough, Brunel and Northumbria as the top three. tbh I dont really know much about the other two but i can tell you more about the Loughborough course

The course at Loughborough is very strong and well rounded, i have learnt a tremendous amount in two years and I would recommend it, it is hard work and demanding, they push you to do a lot of self learning which I feel is actually a good thing as thats an important skill in itself to develop. It is also very rewarding. The course has pretty good links with industry and I would certainly recomment you opt for the sandwich course with a year out on an internship as that provides invaluable experiance.
Another plus point is that as a whole Loughborough is a “better” uni (according to the rankings etc) than the other two and is well funded, the industrial design course is well equiped with decent workshops, CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping machines. The campus is nice and there is plenty of other stuff on offer if you ever have any freetime.

downsides are that Loughborough itself is very small and it is very much a university town as in theres a university and that IS the town.
also like I said the course is large which can limit one on one contact time with tutors but then with more people comes more money which equals better facilities(?)

hope this helps, if you have any other questions feel free to pm me. I would look at the other two courses as well.

thanks alot crutch for your detailed help.
ill do abit more research on the unis you told me.

also i found this on the guardian ranking site for Art and Design
do you think its accurate ?,,1217092,00.html

anyhow thanks again crutch

no worries,

i dont really know about the list tbh. I remember havin a really hard time tryin to find rankings for industrial design when I was applying. the art and design ones just seem to be too broad ranging to be relevant. I dont think this one reflects the best places to study product or industrial design in the uk, for eg i dont think the course at Loughborough comes under the art and design faculty but is separate to the textile design,fine art etc courses which come under the LUSAD banner and are prehaps the type of courses that this list is more refering to? might be interesting to cross reference this list with a table for engineering

oh when i said lboro was “better” in some rankings in my last reply i was refering mainly to the last Times newspaper student satisfaction poll which lboro came top, and when i applied it was just outside the top ten as a uni as a whole, dunno what it is now

the places i know of with industrial design or product design courses on that list are

Bournemouth (5)
Brighton (6)
Brunel (7)
Coventry (14) v good rep for transportation one of my course friends did a yr on their product design course b4 changing to loughborough i dont think he was too impressed there tbh.
De Montford (16)
Derby (17)
Hertfordshire (29)
Huddersfield (30)
Leeds (35)
Loughborough (41)
Middles3x (44)
Northumbria (48)
Nottingham Trent (50)

IMO I would still say its northumbria, brunel or loughborough as the top three. When i applied I looked around Lboro and brunel and chose Lboro as my pick I didnt know about the course at northumbria then, although im very happy at loughborough i would like to have a nose around northumbria and see what its like and regret not doing so when i was in your position.

what foundation course are you studying atm and where?

again hope this helps and if you have any more questions…

oh i dunno if u have already but it might help to have a look at the schools section on core and have a browse of the portfolios from people from each course.


thanks again for your thorough help

im basically doing a one year foundation course at Kingston university.
i could stay at Kingston to do product design but im hoping to move out somewhere in London.
Are there any good product design (industrial design) courses in London universities ?

This is the current list of Unis which i know that are in London:
St martin
LCC - London College of Communication
Brunel ? is that in London ?

What i hear from my parents lately, is that i cant move out from London
for reasons which i am not so sure atm

however if there is a good uni which you know inside London maybe, it would be a great help

cheers crutch

What i hear from my parents lately, is that i cant move out from London
for reasons which i am not so sure atm

Get out of London! I’m sure your parents mean good, but you need to experience something outside of your comfort place. London is very cool, and there’s a lot you will miss, but you will learn a lot more by being further away from home.

I graduated at Northumbria (3 years Anno Domin-Ive) and would have recommended that course above any other at the time. I can’t say what the current program is like, but the real value of the course was that you had to do TWO work placements.

IMO you should only choose a school that has an internship/placement semester -It’s hard to believe how may courses there are that have none in a profession that is so industry-related.