Industrial design wages in europe

Most wages are listed in dollars on forms, which mean they’re wages from the states, and I don’t think that they reflect wages over here in Europe, so leave a post stating = country, type of company, type of work, how many years in the company and how many years working in total, starting wage and your present wage in this post. Should be interesting :smiley:


Industrial design consultancy
Mainly 3d cad, bit of project managing
Start of 3rd year working in this company
Only have ever worked in this company
Started on €18,000
Now on €30.00, no raises for another year.

i would be soooo curious to know how much designers make in italy.

oh, and i presume that in europe designers would post their net income, while in the us it’s common practice to state the gross yearly income.

nope thats gross, we alway put down gross income. Is there anyone thats going to post there wages??

…just to add, my bf got a job in Denmark right after school :

Junior Designer, working there for a year, ~ 40-45k USD
What’s left after taxes is enough to rent a small apartment and eat, pretty much.