industrial design vs interior design

I wonder which one is more popular or easy to get a job.

is industrial designer badly needed in these years?

because I’m asian, I have little information about the current situation.


following the easy path usually doesn’t go very far.

Which do you want to do more? go that way…

Interiors and product can be quite different. There is a lot of overlap in skill requirements, methodology and culture but there are also a ton of differences.

I do not think that either is especially easy to break into or in urgent need of applicants at teh moment. If you have strong skills and the desire to learn you can do well in either field. I think “yo” is right, you should try to learn enough about both to determine which you prefer. I minored in interiors and majored in ID. Started my career in residential interiors, then retail and now I am in product. For me I found both discplines to be full of talented people and interesting challenges but ultimately for me product is a bit more enjoyable.

asian as in in asia?

that aside, there are way more interior designers at work than industrial designers… but what do you realy want to be?