Industrial Design Videos for Students!

Hey Designers!

I’ve taken upon a huge project where I plan to make instructional industrial design videos every week. Many of them catering to students (but not all). Instead of me posting a new thread every time I make a video, I’ll just post them here. If you don’t want to keep checking this thread, simply subscribe to the channel on youtube so the videos will come right to you.

My videos differ from the usual ID “how to” videos so check this video out to get a better picture of what I will do.

And here is my latest video I uploaded coving how to make money as a student. More videos on actual channel.

How much do Industrial Designers Make?

How To Start The Semester off THE RIGHT WAY!
How To Start the Semester The Right Way! Back To School! Industrial Design - YouTube

I want these videos to appeal to you guys so if you have any recommendations to make the videos even better or topics you want me to cover, i’m always willing to try new things. I’m also willing to collab with anyone that also has a youtube channel. Lets do it!

Also, i’m really trying hard to get my videos out there to as many eyes as possible, so if you can share this to you fellow industrial designers and classmates, it would be great appreciated. Any comments that you post here about a certain video, I would love it if you could copy and paste them into the comment section on youtube. It would help me out greatly and i’m more active on youtube than I am here. Thanks so much!

Happy Designing:)

Jimmy Huynh

What’s the benefit of you filming yourself talking into a microphone?
Are you planning on adding more video content showing things other than yourself talking into a microphone?
Do you think your content might be worth spreading in written form?
Might a podcast be a good medium for you?

While I do think that having content specifically geared towards students is a fantastic idea, these videos seem to be…well, less engaging than I would hope from a video, if that makes sense? For example, I can turn on one of these and minimize the tab while I work on other things–which isn’t bad, but maybe audio would be a better format to work with? Maybe use this channel for practical demonstrations or things that specifically require visual aid.

Hey thanks for taking the time out to write comments guys. Great points! I’m still gauging how i’m exactly going to do everything. So far I’ve just been really just keeping things simple so that I could get them done on a regular weekly basis. Considering I’m a student, professional, just engaged, and trying to make this youtube thing work. I’ll have the videos evolve naturally as I go and add more content to each video. :slight_smile:

Here is my latest video BTW so check it out!

How Much Do Industrial Designers Make: