Industrial Design Survey

For any interested industrial designers I am running the following prizedraw as part of a university thesis project.

I entered, but some of the questions don’t have black and white answers:

Designs have more rework in companies with strict hierarchies of communication. *
(Rather than flexible communication between ranks)

True, False, Maybe, Sometimes, Possibly?

Thanks Mike! :slight_smile:

Some of the questions have checks and balances between answers from other questions.
However that last on was meant to be a final catchall.

I know most of us dont really have time to fill in a long or difficult survey.
So one of the requirements was that the questions should be easy to answer, hence the true or false responses.
I guess in that case it kind of makes it harder to answer.

Cheers for filling it out.

A huge thank you to everyone that took the time to respond to the survey!

Just in case anyone missed it the first time or can think of other industrial designers that may want to participate, this is a heads up that entries will close after tomorrow.



But to echo yo’s point, you have qualitative answers for somewhat quantitative questions. For example, how I and anyone else defines “substantial”, “often”, “frequently”, “less difficult”, etc. will be different.