Industrial Design Schools

I am trying to find a decent school for ID. Cost is the main issue. I need to keep it below 20K a year. Two schools that I have found are Western Washington University and University Wisconsin Stout. Which of these is better? Dose anybody else have any suggestions for other schools?

Not familiar with either of those schools. Check out University of Cincinnati DAAP, best bang for your buck school, in my opinion.

I did, but it is 25K a year, and there entrance requirements might be too steep for me.

Son’t let price prevent you from investing in your future.

Consider getting in-state status.

both programs are good, Western is small so there’s a trade off with teacher face-time and having a the best possible group of students to learn with, but I’ve worked with excellent graduates. Wisconson has all the advantages of a Big 10 school with a great engineering college, used to be a center of human factors in ID - havent been hearing much lateley.

Yes, an education is an investment, but it is difficult to capture this perspective when starting the process.
The most comprehensive college cost comparions, including entry requirements etc. - try College Search MatchMaker tool under Find a College tab:
For college cost comparisons and financial aid try: College Planning Calculator - Create a plan to save and pay for College | Sallie Mae
For accreddited programs look here: or
It would be helpful if all this information was in one place, perhaps IDSA and Core could attach a cost perspective to their college lists?

I visited Stout and I thought they had good teachers and a pretty good curiculum but it didn’t compare to Cincinnati in facilities. And there is no substitute for the year and a half of on the job experiance you’ll get at UC. I don’t think you’ll see a lot of Stout kids interning at Nike and GM or IDEO and Continuum.

Stout is in a cool little college town though, which may interest you more or less than the urban campus of Cincinnati. It’s not too far from the Twin Cities either if you need to see some skyscapers once in a while.

It’s tough to rationalize the $65,000 dollar difference but I think for the most part you’re going to be in a much better position coming out of UC then stout. But at the same time I think you get out what you put in. If you stay connected to the community on the boards like this and go above and beyond what they ask for maybe you can make up the difference.

Good luck.