Industrial Design Schools to Transfer


I am currently attending at a community college to transfer to design schools or schools with design programs.
I have already applied for University of Washington which is my local university. I am planning to apply to Art Center, CCS, University of Cincinnati, CCA, and Columbia CCD. The issue with my choices to transfer is that I do not have the mid tier design schools to apply.

It was not so long ago that I made a decision to do I.D major. Thus, I do not have skills or abilities to absoluately qualify for those top tier schools. I am currently taking art classes and planning to take more till the summer to build my foundation.

Because I recently made my decision, I do know top tier schools like I mentioned above, but I do not have much knowledge in what other design schools are out there.

I would like to ask our core 77 users to give me some suggestions for schools to transfer.
Since I am already planning to apply to top tier schools, I would like to know good I.D schools that are considered mid tiers
(Ex: Art Center> ? > or=UW)

[Product or transportation design if specification needed]

Thank you,

not really a very informative reply, nor do I possess a large amount of knowledge on the topic, but I did just finish the application process, and got into where I wanted to go. I too made sure to have some “mid tier” schools on the list. This forum has plenty of knowledge on that topic that I’m sure you can look up but the way I saw it, anything below the top3 or 4 schools on “top10” or “top15” lists seemed to be “mid-tier” schools. However, this does not mean that these schools are easier to get into because they are considered “mid tier”. This is pretty much a fact. I applied and got into art center, but I am sure this doesnt mean i could have definitely gotten into any of the other top or mid tier schools. I really really focused on what art center wanted and talked a lot to their counselors. Would I have gotten into Risd? probably not. Pratt, maybe. CCA, probably not, nor any of the schools in Ohio.

Also, based on what I’ve read on this forum, even if you consider a school a “mid tier” school for ID, that doesn’t really mean jack. I’m not saying this out of experience but I have no doubt ID school is what you make of it, as is any school. And yes some schools will be stronger at say, technique, idea, or real world experience, but still. Just throwing it out there.

However, for what it’s worth(and not to put myself down but I don’t think its worth much cause people fit different schools differently), these were the schools that were my “mid tier” schools:

UCLA(oops, obviously they do not have an ID program, but I did originally apply to them)

Our ID program at the Pennsylvania College of Technology accepts transfer students from community colleges. We have mainly worked with those in NY and PA but that is not a restriction. Good luck in your search!