Industrial Design Q&A

Hi, I have recently found this site and would like to say thank you in advance to your replies.
Here is my situation.
I am about to graduate from my community college. All I need is 7 biological/physical science credit hours.
My question is which courses would you recommend for an aspiring industrial designer? Why?
So far I have heard chem. and phy.

If the above question seems a litle on the boring side how about suggestions on building a portfolio from scratch? Since I have no back round (aside from strooong interest) in art and design, I need all the books, websites and random ideas you may have. Please and thank you!

Do you mean to help you get into a college of Industrial Design?

Read this:

I was an Art major before I switched to Industrial Design. I actually was interested in IDS because of my Sculpture class. Not the figure sculpture, but the one where you make a wire sculpture, build something from plaster of paris, and make something from cardboard, and loads of other things. So take a Sculpture class if you haven’t. It will kinda give you some sort of representation of what how IDS works…kinda… without the super crazy craftsmanship that is required in IDS :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not in ID yet, but from what I’ve read, I think CAD classes will help a lot, or even a traditional drafting class. As far as gen eds I wouldn’t worry too much about them. If your CC offers a Materials Science course, I guess that would be a good one to take.