Industrial Design Portfolio

I’m studying at Carleton University School of Industrial Design. I’ve put together a portfolio website to start applying for internships over the summer.
with a coroflot here

I know the biggest flaw is my complete lack of sketches. My sketching is up to the same level as my computer and model making skills. I feel that including my sub-par sketches will take away from the finished work I’m displaying in my portfolio. Are sketches mandatory in a portfolio? is this a good approach?

Your stuff looks very solid, but yes, sketches are very important. Add some to your portfolio and you should be in very good standing.

If your sketches are as good as you say (on the level of your other work), you should have no worries. Overall, (minus sketches), so great work, esp. the graphic and brand stuff which in general ID students (esp. CUSID ones - I was one so I know) seem to be weak on.


Yeah, work is pretty nice. Well laid out.

BUT maybe the BRAUN-ification of your layout is a little much?
I would love for you to find your own style a little more.

Thanks for the feedback Richard. Its appreciated.

We’ve actually been in touch before. Lois Frankel gave me your contact when I was doing initial research on the boot dryer project. We set up a phone interview but Bjarki Hallgrimson forced our group to move past research and I didn’t get the change to follow up.

What I meant to say about the sketching is that is not up the same level as the rest of my work. It really is my sore thumb when it comes to design. I feel that if I were to include my sketches, they would take away from the work I’m presenting.

Good stuff man. I would suggest including your sketches no matter how bad you think they are. If you have good work overall, and can at least communicate your ideas in a sketch, that’s good enough. If you don’t include them, they will not take the time to find out if you can sketch, they’ll just move on. Some great designers aren’t flashy sketchers. Konstantin Grcic is one of my favorite designers, but he just does sloppy doodles that communicate his ideas.

EG: These sketches produced this amazing chair.

On a side note, is that Arial or Helvetica on your site? Looks like a crappy Helvetica wannabe…